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Century Tech

Century Tech

To further enhance our students’ maths, science and English knowledge, DACA has partnered with Century Tech, an individualised learning platform that utilises artificial intelligence to personalise learning materials for individual student needs.

Maths, Science and English skills are essential for day-to-day life, from communicating and completing application forms through to budgeting and working out the best deals on mobile phone contracts. Refining and building your maths and English skills now will make a huge difference to your future opportunities after college!


What is Century Tech?

Century Tech is an exciting online platform that provides DACA students with access to a variety of high-quality learning materials (nuggets) in maths, science and English topics. Through artificial intelligence technology, Century Tech learns at the same time as our students to make personalised learning recommendations about areas of strength and room for improvement – for every student!

For added fun, students can also earn points for completing nuggets, allowing them to compete in leaderboards against their classmates. These points also count towards DACA’s total points in the national leaderboard challenge against other colleges and education providers.

How do I access Century Tech?

DACA students can access Century Tech from their computer, laptop, or smartphone, meaning that they can complete their nuggets from anywhere.

To login to your account, please visit or click the button above.

  • Click ‘Sign in with Office 365’, and sign in using your college details.
  • If your password doesn’t work, try ‘password’.

If you still can’t log in to your account, then please contact your tutor for help.