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Khushna Sulamen Butt

A* in Fine Art
A* in Photography
B* in English Literature & Language
A* in Textiles

Went on to study Bachelor of Fine Art at the University of Oxford, Interned at Michael Werner Gallery in Manhatten.

Harry Eastham

A* in Fine Art
A* in Graphic Design
B* in English Literature & Language
A* in Textiles
Went on to study Bachelor of Fine Art at the University of Oxford, Interned at Michael Werner Gallery in Manhatten.

Jasmine Haigh

A* in A Level Biology
A in A Level Chemistry
A in A Level Mathematics
Went on to study Biochemistry at the University of Manchester

Jazz Cragg

Distinction* in Sport
Distinction* in Applied Science
Distinction* in Graphic Design
Went on to study Sport and Exercise Science at Edge Hill University.

Khatija Balu

A in A Level Media Studies
B in A Level Psychology
B in A Level English Literature
Went on to study English Literature & Creative Writing at the Lancaster University.

Liam Dargan

A* in Graphics
A in Photography
B in English Literature & Language
A in Media Studies
Graduated with a BA (Hons) in Graphic Design & Photography (1st Class) with commendation from Kingston University.


Stay connected with aldridge connect

Aldridge Connect is an online community on the professional networking platform LinkedIn, set up by the Aldridge Foundation, for Aldridge students in their final years of school and beyond... YOU! 

We wanted to create a space for sharing useful resources with you, from internships to job opportunities and online training courses, as well as helping to connect you with mentors who can give you advice and guidance as you navigate your way through further education, when you're preparing for job interviews, or thinking about how you can take the next step in your career. We want to help you build a supportive and useful network of your own. 

Reasons why you should you join the Aldridge Connect Network:

  • Stay Learning- Keep up to date with the latest news from your peers and other Aldridge students. Learn from the experiences of others and don’t be shy about asking them for advice – they could help influence your own career path.
  • Boost Your CV- Hear about opportunities to gain work experience and internships and who knows, one day you might even be advertising your own job opportunities and hiring Aldridge graduates to work for you!
  • Be Inspired - access to useful resources and advice - and if there are questions you need answered, let us know and we’ll get them for you!
  • Grow Professional Connections – Immediate access to a network of all Aldridge students AND professional companies, you can have future enhancing connections. Reach out and ask for support when you need it – you never know when someone in your network might be able to help.
  • Inspire Others - find out about events at your former school so that you can share your entrepreneurial and enterprise experience with those just like you.
  • Promote Your Work - if you need help promoting your work, the Foundation can offer you the platform to do so: write a blog post for our website, host a talk or workshop with current students, takeover our Instagram account… the Foundation is committed to supporting you after you leave school, so don’t hesitate to get in touch and let us know how we can do that.

In order to stay in touch and to benefit from our support, you'll need to first create a LinkedIn profile and then follow Aldridge Connect - it's really easy - and to help you get set up, the benefits of joining LinkedIn are huge, you can build an engaging professional profile, and following Aldridge Connect. We’ve also included some top tips for staying safe online. Click here to download a step by step guide to creating a winning profile

If you need any help with this, please contact the Aldridge Foundation and a member of the team will be able to assist: