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DACA Welcome

Welcome to DACA 

Welcome to Darwen Aldridge Community Academy, a school at the heart of the Darwen community.

Highly positive and industrious culture.


We are part of the Aldridge Education family of schools and colleges, and our mission is to ensure that every DACA student is given the best opportunity and support to realise their full potential and develop those skills and qualities needed to make good choices and go on to lead happy and successful lives.

We want to nurture in them a lifelong love of learning and an understanding that everyone can fulfil their ambitions regardless of how wide the gap between starting points and desired destinations may seem. We aim to develop well-rounded young people who are fair and compassionate, and who respect the diversity of all in our community so that everyone can enjoy and achieve in equal measure.

We do this by having a friendly, supportive environment, fostering a spirit of enterprise and celebrating the achievement of all.  We encourage our students to be self-confident and proud of themselves, their school and their community.  We recognise the importance of choosing the right school for your child and we understand the role we have in helping you to inspire them to make the most of themselves inside and outside of the classroom.

On a day-to-day basis, we provide excellent teaching, a broad curriculum and wonderful pastoral care for each individual student.  As we are an 11 – 18 school, our teachers are experienced in preparing our students for the worlds of work and university – a journey that starts when they arrive with us in Year 7.

Our extensive primary transition programme will make your child’s move to us as smooth as possible and our philosophy of ensuring that every child is known means that we are with them every step of the way as they move through each key stage towards independence and

Our staff are always proud to see our students move on to their next steps in life with strong values and an equally strong set of examination results behind them.

I am driven by my commitment to delivering the highest standards of teaching and learning, and my absolute belief that every single child deserves the very best that we can offer.  As such, I am proud to lead a team who feel the same way. I hope that this prospectus helps you get a sense of who we are and what we stand for, and I invite you to come and meet us – either at one of our open events or for a tour around the school.

Please do contact us if you have any further questions about the academy.

Best wishes

Mubaaruck Ibrahim
Executive Principal,
Darwen Aldridge Community Academy.

We welcome visits so please contact reception on 01254 819500 or via email if you would like to visit us.

Academy Vision

The Academy seeks to develop a passion for learning and an enterprising spirit amongst its students and staff, and amongst members of the local community. In addition, it seeks to create, develop and maintain an education that focuses emphatically on providing opportunities for success for all, recognising and celebrating the achievements of everyone in all aspects of life at the Academy. 

Darwen Aldridge Community Academy is a Centre of Excellence for entrepreneurial education. It is an inclusive school that provides for the students and citizens of Darwen continuous opportunities, and a world-class, high-quality environment for lifelong learning. The Academy’s students are committed, successful learners, who are proud, creative and self-confident, showing respect for themselves, the community and for others. 

In addition, the Academy places considerable value not only on entrepreneurship, but also on sport and healthy living; partnership working; developing strong links with the community, and education for sustainable development.