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Letter to Parents/Carers 07/01/22

Letter to Parents 07/01/22

7th January 2022


Dear Parents and Carers,

Welcome to 2022, I hope that you have had a restful break with time to spend with your loved ones. 

You will be aware that we are working hard to maintain high standards, and I am taking this opportunity to remind you of the standards that we will be focussing on so that our students are all ready for learning. 


Uniform will be checked at the gate and during line-up every day. Students not in full uniform will not be allowed to enter the main school until any issues have been addressed and totally rectified. This may mean families are contacted, parents asked to bring in the correct uniform, the student will be removed from mainstream lessons until the issue is rectified, and in extreme cases, ensuring that we execute our safeguarding duties, the student may be sent home to change.

Uniform is clearly displayed in our policy which can be seen here:

Below are some helpful tips for you to share with your child to save any confusion. 

Students wear the uniform as it is set out in the policy, skirts worn at the length that they bought at. Year 11 students can wear a plain v neck black jumper under their black blazer, no sweatshirts, or hoodies. A blazer must be worn every day.  

All students must have 'proper' black shoes, trainers are not allowed. Hoodies are not to be brought to school under any circumstances. Students are not allowed to bring these to the academy, and they will be confiscated. False nails, false eyelashes and facial piercings are not allowed. 

Minor changes to the school day

To improve the start of the afternoon session the lunchtime has changed from starting 1:30pm to 2:15pm to starting at 1:30pm and finishing at 2:05pm. To provide pupils with more time at the break to get a drink, food and go to the toilet we have extended the morning break by 5 minutes. To improve dismissal at the end of the day pupils will be asked to stand behind their chairs in silence. They will then be released when standards of behaviour are of our exacting standards class by class and escorted down to the gates. Students have had this explained to them in assemblies today by Mr Harrison.

Mobile Phones

Mobile phones/devices of any type are banned from school as they pose a significant safeguarding risk to young people in the Academy. We understand that for peace of mind that young people will have a mobile device while coming to the Academy and going home from the Academy. However, they must be turned off before they enter the Academy and not be switched back on until they leave the Academy. Mobile devices must not be visible in the Academy or they will be confiscated in line with school policy.

Leaving the class:

Lessons are no longer than an hour in length. Students will only be allowed out of lessons if they have a medical reason. In these circumstances, parents will have provided the academy with the medical evidence to support this, and your child will be provided with a medical pass. Only in an absolute emergency will students be allowed to leave the class; this will be via the 'on-call' system.

Please discuss the tightening of these procedures with your son/daughter and ensure that they know to check their uniform and equipment before they leave the house and that they use the toilet during social times. Learning is sacred and we must protect it, our students have missed enough of their education due to the pandemic.


Yours faithfully,


Nicki Gregg                                                                              Alan Harrison                                                 

Head of School                                                                      Principal