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Safeguarding Contacts

Safeguarding Contacts

If you have a safeguarding concern relating to a child at DACA, please contact Mrs R. Lewis who is our Designated Safeguarding Lead.

Designated Safeguarding Lead/Designated Teacher for Looked After Children

Rachel Lewis -

t 01254 819500

Safeguarding Officer and Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead


Georgia Elliott -

t 01254 819500

LAC Co-ordinator/Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead


Angela Frain -  

t 01254 819500



Kate Gould -

Head of KS3


Amy Walsh -   

Head of KS4


Leigh McDonald -  

Head of KS5

Kirsty Taylor -

Head of Year 7

Molly Byrne -

Head of Year 8

Laine Slater -

Head of Year 9


Kelly Spink -   

Head of Year 10


Kerry Haworth -   

Head of Year 11


Wendy Storrie -  

Head of Year 12 & 13


Phil Thompson -