The Enterpreneurship Team

Students of all ages at DACA are encouraged to join The Enterpreneurship Team, with the support of both DACA and the local Chamber of Commerce, develop a programme of events and entrepreneurial projects and activities. These are very wide ranging and build on the skills and experience of local employers. The activities are sometimes delivered directly by local business volunteers through Darwen Creates or in a partnership with the Chamber.

All of these experiences help shape young people’s thinking; it may reinforce some attitudes and cause other views and preconceived ideas to be changed. The experience gained by young people involved with us will stand them in very good stead for the future and give them a real opportunity to influence their own future success.

Entering competitions such as Skills Factor, Tycoon in Schools by Peter Jones and Young Enterprise Tenner Challenge are just a few of the opportunities our students have available to them.

National Competitions with a local focus provide the best opportunity for students to get involved in their community while learning and competing with the best in the country.

Student Benefits

  • Students get to talk directly to local business people and employers developing the skills they will need to be more successful in the future 
  • The Enterpreneurship Team raises their personal achievement and adds to CVs by allowing them to demonstrate their skills as successful young people 
  • It provides students with an opportunity to voice views about local issues 
  • The Enterpreneurship Team provides experience and awareness of business, raising their aspirations of future career plans 
  • It develops confidence and personal skills enabling the young person to be more successful in the future


Tenner Challenge 2015:

Feedback from the judges: 


Your company ‘Mugs & Scrubs’ is Second Runner-Up for the Tenner 2015 ‘Trade Stand’ competition!

Here is some feedback from our external judges, at the Business Growth Fund (supports Britain’s entrepreneurial businesses):

“Very stylish stall presentation, professional layout in keeping with the products, and very clear information about the product. Perhaps a discount for buying multiple products would help customers to buy more in the future or perhaps a gift wrapping service?  Well done!”

Your entry will feature in our Tenner Thursday e-newsletter and will be uploaded on to the main Tenner website in the ‘Media Library’

Good luck for the national competition!

Tenner Team

Young Enterprise,
Yeoman House