Academy Uniform

Year 7-10 Girls

Blue blazer with Academy badge

White blouse or shirt

Academy neck-scarf or clip-on tie depending on whether a blouse or shirt is worn

Academy blue skirt (which must not be lengthened or shortened), or Academy blue trousers

Plain unbranded black shoes - not all black converse (or similar) pumps or all black trainers

Blue tights or blue knee length socks (only those that can be purchased from one of our stockists)

Academy coat

Academy ID badge



Year 7-10 Boys

Blue blazer with Academy badge

Blue Academy trousers

White shirt

Academy clip-on tie

Plain unbranded black shoes - not all black converse

(or similiar) pumps or all black trainers.

Academy coat

Academy ID badge

Jewellery and Make-up

The only permitted items of jewellery are:

A single, small silver or gold stud in each earlobe

A wristwatch

No other jewellery is permitted. No other body piercing is allowed, eg. nose studs.

All studs should be removed for PE.

Make-up, including nail varnish should not be worn.



PE Kit List

Darwen Academy Football Shirt

Darwen Academy Hoody (optional)

Darwen Academy Polo Shirt

Darwen Academy Short

Darwen Academy Skort

Darwen Academy Sock

Darwen Academy Sweat Pants (optional)

Darwen Academy Track Pants (optional)

Self fitted mouth guard (gum shield)

Shin pads

Year 11 Uniform

Black suit- jacket and trousers or jacket and skirt (skirts should be knee length)

White shirt

Black DACA tie (or silver DACA tie for Lead Students)

Black school shoes

Uniform can be purchased locally from:

Whittakers Schoolwear
20-26 Church Street, Blackburn, BB1 5AL

Grays Schoolwear
68 Northgate, Blackburn, BB2 1AA

Snazzy’s Schoolwear
22 Bridge Street, Darwen, BB3 2AA