Transition Day

 On Wednesday 6th July we hosted 204 Year 6 students on their induction day to the Academy. Students arrived at 8.00 and started the day engaging in team building activities in the Entrepreneurship centre before the formal start to the day. Students arrived feeling a mixture of emotions and within an hour all had beaming smiles and were very positive about what they thought might be a daunting prospect of moving on from primary to secondary.

The Year 6 students found out lots of important information about the Academy during a formal presentation in the morning and they met key staff and their tutors. The students watched a video of Year 6 students and their feelings about moving to high school and also a video of Year 7 students who wanted to share with them that nerves are good and so is meeting new people. Year 6 then spent time doing ice breaker activities with their new tutors and tutor group before experiencing break time in our canteen atrium. They loved the choice of food, playing football with Academy students and the feeling of space.

After break the students were put into groups and embarked on a treasure hunt so that they could get to know our large and unique building. The final destination on the treasure hunt was the Drama Studio, an impressive space where we meet for year group assemblies, and the whole year group got together once again to find out about the remainder of the day. The afternoon was spent in curriculum areas and the students enjoyed a session of Creative and performing arts and English.


Students did samba drumming sessions, a dance routine, made a clay model and completed a reading and writing activity. Lunch was spent in the canteen atrium and most of the students chose to purchase a meal and all were impressed with the quality of the food and the layout of the canteen.

At the end of the day Year 6 were seated back in the assembly area where they started their day and the atmosphere was electric – students were excited, talking to new friends and buzzing about their day at the Academy. The induction day was a great success and many parents joined us at the end of the day to purchase uniform items; to find out what their children had done during the day and everything they needed to know about the next academic year and also to meet with their child’s form tutor and key staff.

We would like to take this opportunity to commend the Year 6 students on their behaviour during induction day as they were a credit to their families and primary schools. We look forward to welcoming the Year 6 students as Year 7 Academy students in September. Have a great holiday!