Trade your way to the USA

We were contacted in May by Leopard Films who were going to be making a brand new series for CBBC. They were after teams of 3 that would be Entrepreneurs and quick with numbers.

There were over 1000 applications and from these only 14 teams selected. Our team ‘The Determinators’ who were made up of (Daniel Hayden, Suhail Hussain and Eli Trobe) were one of the successful teams to get through.
The students had to compete against another team. They were set challenges, given £75 to spend, the team who made the most profit went through to the next round.

The first challenge for The Determinators was to learn about different types of cheese. They had to select which ones they thought would sell well, they then negotiated a price, decided on a selling price and had a stall on a farmers market. See how they got on.

All profits went to Children In Need.