Students are the largest group within the Academy Community and therefore their views and opinions are taken very seriously. Our student voice is spread far and wide and consists of the following:

  • The Year Councils which consist of students that are democratically elected from Tutor Groups.
  • The Academy Council which consists of elected representatives from the Year Councils
  • Focus Groups which are decided by The Academy Council, discuss areas such as Teaching and Learning, catering and uniform
  • The Sports Council opens opportunities for students who have a particular interest in certain sports and ensures that students are involved in all areas of extra curricular recreation.
  • Darwen Young Chamber develops and nurtures the entrepreneurial spirit of our youngsters and equips them with valuable social skills that they can use within and outside the Academy.

Student voice is at the core of everything that we do and as an Academy, we are constantly striving to involve as many students as possible in the decision making process. Our aim is that all of our students leave us with a well rounded education and are aware of the social responsibilities that we all have to each other.