STREETS - Sports to Radically Encourage Everyone to Succeed

STREETS has a long term vision that is embedded within our 20 week programme. We believe that support on every step of the educational path is vital to ensure success. The age old question "but I don't even know what I want to be" is a dilemma heard across every classroom and household in the country. Young people need support and guidance until they feel ready to take that first step into employment. The young people of this town are lucky enough to have such innovative establishments such as Training 2000, Blackburn College and DACA who are highly specialised in finding the right young people for the right careers. We are currently working in partnership with Blackburn College, Training 2000 and Darwen Aldridge Community Academy to seek out provisions for our young members to visit once they have finished the STREETS programme. Once all our members have completed the STREETS award, we in turn will give them the opportunity to look at a placement amongst our working partnership. This is a fantastic incentive for all members to be part of the big society and to help them gain a sense of purpose.