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Home of 2030 - Finalists!

In October, we discovered a new national architecture competition - students from the ages of 11-25 were tasked with designing the Home of 2030.

Home of 2030 is a cross-departmental initiative including the Design Council, the Ministry of Building Innovation Education (MOBIE), the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) and the British Research Establishment (BRE), and is funded by HM Government - so quite a prestigious competition!

The students have been attending Architecture Club on Thursday lunchtimes since November and, after providing a little guidance in the first session, the students were off! Miss Morris has been blown away by the curiosity, drive and commitment that the students have demonstrated at every session and one team even created a WhatsApp group to discuss and build upon their ideas outside of DACA, which shows the level of determination they have.

The Year 7 students have had a strong focus on sustainability and have researched ways that homes can be built to protect not only humans, but the environment too, whilst our Year 12 students, Zoe, focused on communal living as well as sustainability. All have demonstrated strong design skills also.

Once the entries were ready, the students had to submit themselves. Miss Morris waited eagerly to hear from them and was absolutely delighted to hear that Year 7 'E-Homes' team, Ailsa Fox, Ava Schiel, Bethany White and Eva Robinson had made it to the shortlist! Then two days later, Year 12 student Zoe Porter emailed as she had also made it to the shortlist! Such exciting news - we are so incredibly proud of these young design engineers who are being brave, pushing the boundaries and demonstrating that girls do STEM well!

The girls will be invited down to London with other students from around the country to present their ideas to a professional judging panel so are busy preparing themselves. This has been such great news during these strange times too.

We look forward to watching and supporting these young ladies to build their skills and to enable them to reach a dazzling future - one they have already shown such a passion for. So, so proud...

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