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Race to the Line

During this academic year, every Year 7 student, during their Design Engineering lessons, has investigated, designed and manufactured the fastest rocket-powered race car for ‘Race for the Line’, a national competition where students from over 200 schools compete across multiple stages in the in a bid to claim the prestigious top spot and aim to beat last years’ winning speed of 66mph!

The students have worked in teams of four throughout the project, learning valuable communication skills and developing effective teamwork skills, demonstrating creativity and problem-solving to ensure that their rocket car has the most efficient aerodynamics, low mass and safe, well-designed wheels to reduce friction and survive the forces of a high-speed run. They have demonstrated determination and a passion to succeed, competing against peers in their own classroom as well as from many other schools and they have all certainly taken risks – their designs had to be perfected as each team only had one foam block to shape into their rocket car – any mistakes would be very costly!

Teams gathered at DACA on 24th April to see their cars in action; working alongside our RAF STEM Ambassador, Sgt Antony Davenport, the rockets were inserted into the cars, hooked up to the ignition gun and everyone waited… On a countdown of ‘3, 2, 1..!’, they were off, shooting along the track at incredible speeds! Every single student, parent and member of staff were amazed at the speed at which these rocket cars travelled – it was great!

After each car had raced, the winners were announced – in first place, with an incredible speed of 60mph, was ‘Team Dragonfly’ – an inspirational all-girl team. ‘Tem Skrt Skrt’ came in at second place, securing a place in the regional final also.

Both teams are off to the Regional Final at Bury Transport Museum on Tuesday 30th April, where they will compete with teams from other schools in the region. If they are successful here, they will go on to the National Final and compete with regional winners from around the country! Good luck teams!!!

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