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Chester Zoo Science Trip

On Tuesday 12th February, the Science department took Year 9 and 10 students to Chester Zoo. The trip was a reward for academic excellence and consistently good effort in Science lessons. My friends and I enjoyed the day and were all keen to look at the animals. It was great to see how Science can lead to different careers, and to learn about all of the different animals and their habitats. We even learned about palm oil and orangutans which links to our Geography lessons. It was a great day out!

Miss Thomasson:

As a reward for consistently positive behaviour and effort in Science lessons we took around 80 students to Chester Zoo. The students were all really excited to go and see the different animals, learn about their different needs and how these can be met in artificial habitats. The students all had a great time, they were impeccably behaved and were an absolute credit to the Academy.

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