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DACA Students Celebrate GCSE Results

Students at Darwen Aldridge Community Academy were celebrating achieving top grades in the reformed GCSE examinations. In total 22 grade 9s were awarded to DACA students.

Keyan Etzezadi achieved grade 9s in English language, English literature, biology, chemistry, history, physics and religious studies as well as grade 8s in maths and Spanish and an A* in Dutch said,“I am speechless, I didn’t dare dream that I could do this well! I hope I can go on to as well in my A-Levels and start a career in Law.”

Lucy Baker, who achieved two grade 9s in history and physics as well as four grade 8s in biology, chemistry, English literature and maths said: “I am so happy with my results, I am absolutely thrilled to have done so well. I can go onto sixth form and the results I have achieved can take me down any path I want to go.”

Ethan Harrison, who achieved grade 8s in computer science, chemistry, maths and physics said: “I am ecstatic with my grades, I have done better than I thought I would, words can’t describe how happy I feel! These grades mean I can go onto to study A-Levels and follow my dream of becoming a university lecturer.”

Bree O’Neil said “I am shaking, I so pleased with my grades. I got a grade 9 and an 8 in English and I am thrilled with my science results. These results have paved the way for me to have a career as a doctor of psychiatry.”

Mariam Sejjad said: “I am so proud of myself, I got grade 9 in both my English subjects, I was not expecting that! These results mean I can go on to study A-Levels in the DACA Sixth Form and pursue my ambition of studying medicine at university”.

Overall 63% of students achieved grades 9-4 in maths and 64 % in English.

Principal Lisa Dolan said: “Following on from our record-breaking Sixth Form results last week we are proud what our GCSE students have achieved, not only academically, but also of what they have contributed to our school community over the past five years and how they have developed as young people. The new GCSEs are more challenging and mostly based on final exams. Staff and students have worked hard in this changing landscape. We look forward to welcoming many of our students back to study in our successful sixth form in September.”

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