"Darwen Aldridge Community Academy is committed to providing an inclusive education for all. We believe that inclusion is at the heart of every classroom and that all students have the right to be safe and achieve."

Pupils feel they receive highly personal

Darwen Aldridge Community Academy is committed to providing an inclusive education for all.

We believe that inclusion is at the heart of every classroom and that all students have the right to be safe and achieve.


The SEN faculty work closely with staff across the curriculum to ensure that all students can access lessons and make progress. The SEN team visit feeder primary schools and run additional transition sessions for students who could find the transition from primary to secondary school difficult. The team also attends annual reviews for students who have Education Health Care Plans and Individual Pupil Resource to ensure that that information is gathered about students and that the right support is in place. We have a dedicated and well trained team who can be contacted easily.


Furthermore, the SEN team run a number of interventions including:

·       Literacy and numeracy

·       Social and Emotional skills

·       Speech, language and communication 

·       Physiotherapy

Students are also supported through a differentiated curriculum, numerous interventions and by specialist teaching staff. We have a dedicated physical disabilities team and a nurture provision for students with social, emotional and mental health needs.

For further information about the support we offer to students with Special Educational Needs, please see our local offer.

SEND Related Policies & Procedures



Teaching staff within the Department offer a wide range of specialist areas. Both the SENCo and Assistant SENCo hold the National SENCo Award and have completed a number of training programmes regarding Special Educational Needs.

  • Miss Jade Tumelty - Director of Learning Support (SENCo)

  • Ms K Spink – Year 9 Targeted Support Lead

  • Mrs K Taylor - Year 10 Targeted Support Lead

  • Mrs Natalie Shorrock - Year 11 Targeted Support Lead

  • Mr David Fallaize - Targeted Support Lead

  • Ms Claire Barratt

  • Mrs Janet Duckworth

  • Mrs Ginny Hacking

  • Miss Joanne Harper

  • Ms Joanne Hine

  • Mrs Jill Peary

  • Ms Mel Todd

What can a student expect from the Faculty?

  • Qualified and enthusiastic teaching staff
  • Support form external agencies
  • Regular contact with lead professionals
  • Teaching strategies
  • Careers advice and guidance
  • Regular contact between school and parents
  • Help, guidance and support

Extra-Curricular Clubs

  • Homework club – This runs Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 3.15-4.30pm. Homework club offers support for all students with homework, there is access to computers, printers and additional resources.
  • Handwriting club – This runs on a Monday 3.15-4.15 to help students who have difficulties with handwriting.
  • KS4 Revision club – This runs every Thursday from 3.15-4.15, students can revise for core subject exams or complete coursework/classwork.
  • Breakfast Club – Students in receipt of Pupil Premium monies can attend breakfast club from 7.45am and receive a free breakfast.
  • Mastering memory – students identified as needing additional memory support are invited to attend the Mastering Memory Programme on a Wednesday 3.15-4.30pm.


  • To develop student independence
  • To allow students to become successful and functioning adults
  • To improve the literacy and numeracy skills of all students
  • To offer opportunities for alternative curriculums
  • To provide a safe environment for students to succeed in
  • To work closely with outside agencies
  • To listen to student voice
  • To work closely with parents
  • To adapt teaching, planning and resources to suit the needs of all students
  • To provide necessary physical care
  • To provide necessary health care
  • To provide a safe and nurturing environment for all students
  • To support students in their subjects
  • To differentiate the curriculum accordingly

Key Stage 3 - Overview

At key stage 3 the SEN team offer support across the curriculum.

Key stage three students have access in class support as well as individualised intervention based on their needs.

Students will be provided with an Individual Education Plan (pupil passport) and a lead teaching assistant who will monitor their progress throughout the key stage.

Key Stage 4 - Overview

At key stage 4 the SEN team offer support across the curriculum.

Students will be given careers advice and guidance to help with option choices and post 16 options. Key stage 4 students also have the opportunity to visit a range of colleges and sixth forms in the area to ensure they are prepared for the future.