"To pass on the passion that teachers have for Science to develop inquisitive minds and a lifelong passion in students for the subject"

All teachers within the Science department aim to foster an interest, enthusiasm and Science. Students’ are encouraged to practice the skills associated with working scientifically as soon as they come to the Academy so that they are able to independently discover the answer to questions that enable them to understand the world around them.  Practical work is central to learning within DACA Science, providing students will robust skills which form the basis for discovery further along their learning journey.  Lessons are lively and active, providing opportunities for group, paired and independent work; these are designed to encourage independence and challenge.

Although independent learning is promoted within DACA Science, the faculty prides itself upon offering a network of support to students.  Students attendance at Breakfast, Revision and homework clubs is exceptional, with students expressing to us, they feel valued and supported with their studies. 

Literacy and numeracy are essential skills to enable students to access the curriculum, both of which are promoted and monitored during every lesson in DACA Science.  

Students are continually spoken to about the opportunities that scientific qualifications can offer them and career advice, along with individual students particular interests, help decide upon the learning route students will take.   

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