Results 2019

Key Stage 4 Results 2019


 ‘We are very proud of the success of all of our students and the way in which they have made the most of the wide range of opportunities DACA has to offer, both academically and extra-curricular’ - Lisa Dolan, Principal

Darwen Aldridge Community Academy are proud of the achievements of their students in their 2019 examinations.  In 2019 we improved outcomes in all measures and show an improving 3 year trend.

DfE Performance Table Data 2019

Progress 8
English Baccalaureate achieved (strong pass)
Percentage of students remain in education or employment for at least 2 terms after completing KS4
English ‘best of’ Grade 4+
English ‘best of’ Grade 5+ (strong pass)
Mathematics Grade 4+
Mathematics Grade 5+ (strong pass)
English & Maths Grade 5+ (strong pass)
English & Maths Grade 4+
Attainment 8 Score
English Baccalaureate entries

Students are also to be congratulated for the results they have achieved in a number of other subjects this year, in particular the impressive:

  • 100% of students achieving grade 5+ in Art and Photography.

Results were above national (9-4) in:

  • Spanish, Religious Studies, Computer Science, Food and nutrition and PE

Results were above national (9-5 strong pass) in PE, French, Food and nutrition and Religious Studies.
22 grades overall were grade 9, 61 grade 8 and 100 grade 7 across a range of subjects and this also represents an improvement on last year.

Head Girl Hollie Knowles, who started her own business when she was in Year 9, achieved Grade 9s in History and Religious Studies, Grade 8s in maths, physics and English language, and Grade 7s in biology, chemistry and English literature.

Hollie said:

“I feel so relieved. Everyone has been so kind and helped me cope with GCSEs - I am so happy!”

Zoe Porter achieved Grade 9s in Art, English language, Grade 8s in English literature, Spanish and history and Grade 7 in maths. Zoe’s reaction to her results was

“Wow! I’m shaking. I feel a weight has been lifted. I am staying at DACA and I want to study architecture.”

Josh James, who was Head Boy, achieved a Grade 9 in Performing Arts, Grade 8s in Spanish, English language, and history and a Grade 7 in English literature. Josh said:

“I will be staying on at DACA to study biology and chemistry. I am really pleased with my results.”

A happy George Ardis said: “I did much better than I thought! I would like to thanks all of the teachers for their support - I am overjoyed!” and Emily Greenwood Campbell reflected:


“I studied hard. I am staying on in to the sixth form to study A levels. I feel amazing!”

Key Stage 5 Results 2019


Due to the cancellation of the exams in 2020, examined grades will not be published for students who left DACA in 2020, in line with guidance from the Department for Education.


Students in DACA Sixth Form achieved some fantastic results in both academic and vocational subjects.  DACA Sixth Form is one of the highest performing state-funded sixth forms in the North West and full performance table results can be accessed using the link:  DACA 16-18 Performance Table Results 2019


‘Once again, DACA sixth form students have worked hard to secure an impressive set of results, enabling students to embark on the next stage of their education at some of the best universities and training providers the country has to offer. We have an established history of high performance across a wide range of academic and vocational courses upon which we are continually improving year after year. We attribute this success to a personalised provision with small class sizes, high standards, staff and students who are dedicated and work hard, and a wide range of enrichment opportunities which develop our students into well-rounded young adults.’  - Fiona McMahon, Director of Sixth Form

In summary, DACA's 2019 Y13 leavers' main achievements are:

· Placed in the Top 10% Nationally ALPS (the A Level Performance System); DACA sixth form has been classified in the top 10% for the last 5 years, demonstrating consistent high achievement year on year


· Awarded Certificate for "Exceptional Student Progress" by the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust


· 99% pass rate (A*- E) for all academic and vocational subjects (national average 97.6%)

· 28% A*-B grades achieved in A Levels

· 48% D*-D grades achieved

· The value added progress score in applied general subjects is above national average, a score of 0.29 places our performance in the top 20% of schools nationally

Student Progression

We have a record number of students beginning degrees this year. Between 75%-80% of the cohort choose to progress to university every year. In 2019, 81% of the students who applied to university were awarded their first choice place and in 2020 this rose to a record 93% of students achieving their first choice university place.


Of these places around 20% of these are at the top universities in the country including the Russell Group Universities. We are particularly proud of our three Oxford students who are now studying Biomedical Science, Medicine and Fine Art. Other notable places include dentistry at Dundee University, psychology at Manchester University, architecture at Edinburgh University, maths at Bristol University, physics at Liverpool, Law at Lancaster University and child nursing at the University of Salford.


Of all our students embarking on degree courses this month, over half of them are the first in their family to attend university; again, an achievement of which DACA can really be proud.