Performing Arts

"The object of art is to give life shape"

The Performing Arts Department is a vibrant and innovative sector of DACA. We encourage every student to embrace their creativity and use their developing skills and understanding to create performance pieces they can be proud of.

Students study important practitioners of Dance and Drama throughout the key stages, using their techniques to create impressive pieces of practical work and their theory to critically evaluate work of various genres and styles. 


The Performing Arts department prides itself on the quality of work produced at all levels and the ability of all students to work collaboratively, developing important entrepreneurial skills along the way. 


In the department, we aim to deliver skills which will assist students across their curriculum: collaborative working skills, social skills, literacy skills, communication skills, problem solving – students will learn much more than how to perform. When they do perform we have the highest standards. Students will perform in a wide variety of styles from improvisation to Shakespearian tragedy – each performance requiring different techniques and competencies. 


Practical performance is central to our ethos and all students are encouraged to progress rapidly in this area whether in the studio during class time or in one of our numerous public performances. 

"The future belongs to young people with the imagination to create" - Barack Obama

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