Pegasus is a unique art installation within the community atrium at Darwen Aldridge Community Academy.  Receiving majority funding from Bowmer & Kirkland - the construction engineers who built DACA - and The Aldridge Foundation, Pegasus is formed from recycled horseshoes and stainless steel.  He was created by young entrepreneur and artist Tom Hill.

Pegasus is recognised across the world as a symbol of inspiration and creativity - the latter being one of our six DAKAs.  A figure within Greek mythology, it was said that where his hoof hit the ground, 'an inspirational spring would burst forth'.  In addition, he was the horse of the nine famous Greek Muses.

The Foundation felt that installing such a piece of inspirational artwork within the community atrium would be a powerful reminder of the move to the new building, and a physical representation of what we hope to achieve.  We hope that he will inspire the students and wider community - in learning, entrepreneurship and sport.

Pegasus was unveiled at a small ceremony on 2nd September 2010, in the Academy's first week at its new home.