Career Academy visits The Paper Cup Company

On Tuesday 28th January 2014, the Business and Vocational faculty took the Career Academy students on a visit to the Paper cup Company.  The students were greeted by Mark Woodward who owns and manages the Company. Once inside the students were shown how The Paper Cup Company were contributing to being environmentally friendly. They had quite a few different projects such as re – using the same cup for their coffees and teas. At the end of the day all the cups were placed in the re-cycle able bins. Also the company used a compost bin to help with their aim of being more environmentally friendly. They are also looking at ways to plant more trees and concentrate on using sustainable raw materials within their production area.

We then went on to meet the team Sarah, Genkiz, Victoria, Phil who all have important roles to play within the company. These roles ranged from designing the graphics for the cups to promote them.  Mark emphasised the importance of marketing and how it was such a big part of the company receiving orders. The introduction of being able to produce small quantities of cups for many companies instead of supplying only to the big companies such as Starbucks and McDonald’s was a gap in the market that Mark had spotted. This played a big part in the businesses' success.  The students also learned about all the various roles in the office and came away thinking about the different jobs available.

It was an exciting morning filled with lots of cups and information. The students found it inspiring and it made the world of business come alive.

Danielle Hunter & Kylie Cooper
Year 12 Career Academy