Music Concerts

The Music Dept students took part in a successful concert at Christmas with students from the drama and dance depts. Students excelled and a highlight was the rock band that has been formed at the academy and is called Every Other Way- it was great to see all the performers and audience in great voice singing various carols accompanied by members of the Wardle Anderson Brass band.
It was a fantastic evening of music on the 25th March when we had our first Music Recital Evening. The school hall was set up like a jazz club and many students excelled in performing. We had great performances from students performing in a wide range of musical styles that included Bradley Stewart on the Bagpipes, Ashley Smith-Piano, Marcus Fern-Guitar, Jonny Ainsworth- Guitar, David Ryder-Clarinet, David Nairn and Luke Hayes-Vocals- Guitar, Lucy Smith-Voice, Charlotte Noble-Voice, and the Choir gave a great performance under the direction of Miss Smith. It was also pleasing to hear the Blackburn Schools Big Band perform which along with our own students added lustre to the evening.
Students are gaining confidence from performing both in and out of school and musical performance standards are improving rapidly with each event. Congratulations to each and every one of the students that took part in these successful events and well done to Every Other Way for winning the Rock Enterprise 2010 Competition held at King Georges Hall Blackburn.