Leading the way

We have selected our Year 11 Lead Students and the Head Boy and Head Girl for 2010-2011

Each student candidate produced a promotional video about themselves which was screened around the Academy. Teachers and students were invited to vote, resulting in John Meadowcroft and Zoe Harrison (pictured) being selected as our Senior Lead Students.

During the presentation assembly both John and Zoe accepted their roles gracefully, as Head Boy and Head Girl, and invited their fellow lead students to join them as part of the team. The students have continually represented the Academy in areas such as Sport, Art and Entrepreneurship and they are great ambassadors for the Academy and also for future students.

We wish them all the best in their new role and congratulate all Lead Students for their effort and determination. Well done to: Lucy Smith, Kyle Craven, Dylan Norton, Rokasana Kujawa, Alice Leach, Ciaran Pearson-Moore, Hayley Dickinson, Amber Riley, Khushna Sulaman-Butt, Molly Charnley, Kieron Dowdall, Michael Heeks, Callum Ryan, Lauren Tracey, Abigail Ireland, Matthew Phillipson, Matthew Lee, Luke Atkinson, John Meadowcroft, Lewis Taylor, Joannah Riley, Liam Dargan, Gabrielle Harrison, Amanda Smith, Elizabeth Whittaker, David Nairn, Liam Shaw, Seana Nicholson, Beth Scanlon, Sammie Ford, Matthew Phillipson, Zoe Harrison, Megan Dawson, Rebecca Hunt, Jonathan Eccles, Charlotte Tierney, Ryan Fern, Aimee Dewse, Scott Kelsall, Annie Foster, David Ryder.