Jodrell Bank Trip

We travelled there by coach at about 9:15, and arrived at about 10:40, we then went to an “educational room”, where we learned about NASA interstellar craft (e.g. probes), and the various the different properties of our star-system, mainly: the planets’ sizes, their atmospheres, life on the planets, the order of planets, and the sun. We then had to design our own probe to go to Mars, based on what we had learnt, using only: to straws, two pieces of A4 paper, some sticky-tape, some scissors, a cup, and two balloons.

Then we took a tour around the so-called: “planetarium” which had a room, layered with bits of solar-information, and an interactive 3D diagram of the star-system on the ceiling.

After this we had our lunch-break outside. We were then taken to a place where we were given a booklet to fill in, that concerned all the information around us, e.g. nebulas, stars, super-nova, black-holes, etc.

Finally, we went outside to observe the huge, internationally-famous radio-telescope, before setting off in the coach at 14:30, and arriving back at DACA at 15:50 roughly.

Overall, it was a great trip, of which I learnt much about physics, and how space works; mostly the likes of stars and planets, but other things were vaguely discussed to.

By Lando Amachree