Great Graphics for Graham

When you need a new logo, or possibly a website design, who do you turn to? Who could possibly fit the bill?
Graphic designers, of course is the answer you should be thinking of.

Graham Roberts creator of, wanted a website and logo designed for him, and he drew in the help of year 9 and 10 graphics students. These students then spent a month designing a website which had to incorporate Music, Sport, positive local news and opportunities.

Two of our students, Ann Marie Rong, and Savanna Bunney won joint first place for their design, and are at the moment are editing their designs with Darren Wilson, a local Graphics Designer who runs KP Studios.
The whole class who took part will also go on a visit to KP Studios to experience what it is like to work as a professional Graphics Designer.

Winner Ann Marie Rong said: “It took a lot of time, and dedication to get the design right, but it paid off in the end!”

By Ann Marie Rong and Qachina McKeefery