Exposed: Modern Languages

Speaking a foreign language is a valuable skill when it comes to entrepreneurship and the business world. It’s common knowledge that international businesses prefer to hire people who speak more than one language. As opportunities abroad continue growing, being able to communicate in another language makes companies more marketable on a global scale.

With this in mind, pupils in their MFL lessons were placed into a context: in order to maintain the success of their companies they had to attempt to sell their products abroad to either a French or Spanish speaking country. The aim of this activity is to encourage students to use the foreign language in order to pass through various stages of a potential client in order to export their products successfully.

Students had to prepare for/complete a telephone conversation with a French/Spanish business contact in order to arrange a face to face meeting. To finish off, pupils presented the outcomes of the telephone conversation to the class.

These lessons were a real success, with all pupils demonstrating both excellent entrepreneurial and language skills. It was fantastic to see such creativity and pupils using French/Spanish in a real-life context. Well done to everyone involved.