"It doesn’t matter if you want to set up a company or work with a group of volunteers to improve your street – an entrepreneurial mind-set is a major asset, and I think that every young person can benefit from developing this mind-set as they grow up. Entrepreneurial social action represents a great way for our students to develop and demonstrate employability skills they need to sustain the life of their choice."- Sir Rod Aldridge

At DACA we believe young people are central to the future prosperity of the local community.  By equipping our students for the challenges they will face, we can start to increase their life changes and economic growth.


We do this by empowering students with new ways of learning and fostering classroom environments that are creative and inspiring. 


Our approach is driven by our founding sponsor, Sir Rod Aldridge, life and career whose enterprising mindset facilitated him create a path to success.  

Extra-Curricular Clubs

  • Team Creates – access to flexible, modern, start-up workspaces for young entrepreneurs
  • Tycoon in Schools – obtain a loan from Peter Jones for up to £1000 to turn your enterprising idea into a reality
  • Tenner Challenge – start a business idea with just £10
  • School Shop Team – become a member of staff or part of the management team to run the school retail outlet
  • Team Ready – A programme for sixth form, this enrichment programme can help you to get the career you want. Following the Career Ready programme, Team Creates students receive:
  • A mentor from the world of work
  • An internship and opportunities to visit businesses
  • Practical advice on CVs and applications
  • Time to develop skills and confidence
  • Time and support to start your own business
  • Team-building challenges and exciting projects
  • Acquisition of a leadership qualification


Driving our work is our shared vision “that, by the age of 25, all Aldridge graduates will have experienced an outstanding and enjoyable education and be able to sustain the life of their choice. They will be independent, thriving economically and making a real, positive contribution to their communities.”

Our ethos

Raising achievement – preparing young people for a successful future by equipping them with the attributes associated with an enterprising mindset. Central to our approach are the Aldridge Attributes, the DAKA’s. These are based on the enterprise skills that are not only the tools required to be successful as a business owner, but are also what employers seek in their workforce and are the skills that enable young people to be successful learners and to live happy, productive lives. Our aim is to use the enterprising skills and opportunities that students have to drive up standards of attainment, to promote positive attitudes in the academy and the community and as a theme to engage with others. Through our enterprising approach and the development of the Attributes students will develop flexibility, a willingness to continue learning and later thinking – highly prized characteristics and all products of an enterprising mindset. Throughout their time at DACA students collect evidence of when they have demonstrated their entrepreneurial skills both within and outside of school to earn their bronze, silver and gold DAKA badges. Lessons in all subjects across the curriculum provide opportunities for pupils to acquire the attributes of:

  • Team Work
  • Problem Solving
  • Creativity
  • Determination
  • Passion
  • Risk Taking
  • Social Conscience
Creating Aspiration – nurturing emerging entrepreneurs and supporting those who have the passion to set up and run their own social and commercial ventures. Unlocking Ambition – developing entrepreneurial solutions to tackle barriers they make face

Key Stage 3 - Overview

One way of embedding the Attributes into the Academy’s teaching is the Team Academy approach. This entrepreneurial education programme champions unique ways of learning and has been found to foster well-rounded and resourceful young people. Students experience a hands-on, team-based approach to learning, whether they aspire to run their own business or not, through following the Team Academy curriculum students are equipped with the skills and attributes of successful entrepreneurs. They develop the skills of the DAKAs as well developing a mind-set which is able to turn ideas into actions. In Team Academy, there is no failure, just learning from experience. There is no traditional classroom learning, just coaches who will not provide the answers but will offer support and challenge their thinking. Students are encouraged to support each other as well as encouraged to read books and research to support their learning. Over the course of the programme students work towards the acquisition of an externally accredited leadership skills award. The skills and mindset developed through Team Academy helps our students as it encourages them to keep learning and acquiring further skills as they move throughout their school life and future careers. The benefits of Team Academy are not just for our Year 7 and 8 students who follow the Team Academy programme but it goes a long way towards solving a common problem faced by employers. Business leaders often complain that basic workplace skills, such as numeracy, communication, time-management and working effectively in a team, are lacking in those employed straight from school or university.


Mrs M Billington - michelle.billington@daca.uk.com