DACA Comenius

DACA has been fortunate enough to take part in the exciting new Comenius project which is an exchange project throughout Europe. The project started in Paris this year and ends in Portugal next year. So far it has been thoroughly rewarding and it will be a great experience and opportunity for students in the next year.
This project is a major aspect of DACA’s push to broaden the international horizons of its pupils. Involving seven schools from around Europe has given the students an opportunity to meet new people and experience a new way of life.

The aim of the programme is to enhance cultural understand between European pupils and teachers. Combining our established French exchange with Paris, they hosted the first visit in the exchange programme where 20 pupils from year 8 visited in December and stayed with their French exchange partners. Their partners returned to Darwen, alongside students from the other schools involved in the programme, from March 16th to March 22nd 2011.

Amongst the other welcomed students were ten from our Finnish exchange school and eight Spanish students and staff. This, together with the actual visits abroad, has raised our pupils’ international awareness. The challenge is to build on this and to ensure pupils have an international perspective across as much of the curriculum as possible.
During DACA’s hosting of the European Comenius programme, all our guests participated in a detailed programme of events. These included the welcome concert where each school performed musical or literacy pieces, trips to Manchester Utd FC, Blackburn Rovers FC, Imperial War Museum, Lowry Museum, Beatles Museum and Liverpool Slavery Museum. As such we anticipate continuing the exchange system for future year groups.

The next scheduled destination is Spain where our Exchange school will be hosting our staff and pupils in the next academic year.
Reported by Jack Charnley and Charlie Marsh