DACA 1st XI v Morecambe High

DACA 1st XI put in a storming performance against Morecambe High to win the game 11-1 away from home in this Lancashire cup semi final.

Luke Mckenna earned himself the first assist of the day by neatly crossing the ball into the box for Daniel Rutherford to head into the away goal. An immaculate distribution followed by an inch perfect execution.
DACA 1 – Morecambe high 0.

DACA continued to retain possession and was patient when finding the right time to exploit Morecambe’s defence. Pedro Monteiro passed the ball to Daniel Rutherford who cleverly beat his man on the right hand side of the pitch and used his lighting pace to drive down the wing and cross the ball into the penalty area where Daniel Sumner took advantage of the opportunity and tapped it into the away goal after making a darting run from the edge of the box.
DACA 2 – Morecambe high 0.

Conor Gaul created himself an opportunity on the left wing, after taking the ball, skilfully, past numerous defenders and professionally finessing it into the top right hand corner of the goal. A stunning strike and a impressive build up.
DACA 3 – Morecambe high 0.

Substitute Liam Grimshaw got himself onto the score sheet when Jake Wright cleared the ball out of danger for Grimshaw to run onto and drive into the away box to tidily finish, a sweet and calm execution.
DACA 4 – Morecambe high 0.

Conor Gaul yet again created himself another opportunity, after taking on the Shrimps defence and placing the ball nicely into the net, a fine finish before half time.
DACA 5 –Morecambe high 0.

Second half arrived and so did fresh legs! Mason Ralph and Elliott Danson both came on to replace Conor Gaul and Daniel Sumner. They both put in a huge performance in an important game.

Mason Ralph was awarded with his first goal for the team when Luke Mckenna’s attempted shot bounced off the crossbar to see Ralph place behind the Morecambe keeper.
DACA 6 – Morecambe high 0.

Conor Gaul was ecstatic to earn his hatrick after coming back on the pitch to replace Pedro Monteiro. Gaul, doing what he does best, dribbled past a number of defenders and was fouled to receive a penalty. He smothered the ball with two hands and demanded it was his. He casually jogged up to the spot and stylishly placed the ball into the left hand side of the net.
DACA 7 – Morecambe high 0.

Unfortunately for DACA, all good things come to an end. An unfortunate mistake in the defence left the Morecambe striker one on one with Scott Grant who unfortunately, didn’t manage to clean up the error.
DACA 7 – Morecambe high 1.

However, this error didn’t stop DACA from scoring. Captain, Liam Davies played an inch perfect pass into Elliott Danson who was left one on one with the keeper and cheekily chipped the ball over Morecambe’s keeper, a divine finish.
DACA 8 – Morecambe high 1.

Ralph, known for his tricky footwork, used his ability at the edge of the home team’s box to create himself an opportunity and place around the powerless goalkeeper.
DACA 9 – Morecambe high 1.

Liam Grimshaw was hungry for more goals and pounced on an opportunity created by Luke Mckenna who was unfortunate not to score, Grimshaw read the game well and got himself into the right position to score to make it 10.
DACA 10 – Morecambe high 1.

This game still wasn’t over. DACA had not finished and wanted to score one more goal before leaving back to Darwen. The uncontrollable Grimshaw found himself at the edge of Morecambe’s box and decided to take the ball past the entire defensive line, including the goalkeeper and score his well earned hatrick.
DACA 11 – Morecambe high 1.

DACA 1 XI proved to be the better team, resulting in a jaw dropping score line. Luke Mckenna deserves a mention for the amount of assists he created throughout the game. Nevertheless, the result was down to a complete team effort and hard work. A well deserved result!

Lewis Todd