Career Academy

Would you like to be a Partner in Business?

We are currently looking for a number of business volunteers to provide lectures and workshops, offer company tours and paid internship placements as part of our 6th Form Entrepreneurship Career Academy.

The Entrepreneurship Career Academy is a national charity which aims to raise the aspirations and educational achievements of young people aged 16-19. To date, the Career Academies movement has produced more than 850 graduates. At the start of the programme 40% were expected to go on to higher education, on completion of the programme this rose to 90% progressing to University or employment related training.

The programme has 4 key elements which will support students in developing work related skills:

1) Each student is given a Business Mentor (Partner in Business) who will provide guidance and support with their learning.
2) Guru’s in Entrepreneurship will be invited to the Academy throughout the programme to share insider secrets and success stories.
3) Career Academy students will also be given behind the scenes tours at local and national organisations.
4) Each student will be given a paid internship during the summer holidays, between Year 12 and Year 13.

If you are interested in finding out more regarding the Entrepreneurship Career Academy at Darwen Aldridge Community Academy, please contact Val Townsend, Entrepreneurship Assistant on 01254 819500 or e-mail