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MONDAY 5 NOVEMBER 2012 – LONDON - Peter Jones CBE today officially launches his brand new enterprise competition Tycoon in Schools – granting seed funding to hundreds of school children across the country. Trading kicks off this morning in more than 50 schools across the country as teams compete in his nationwide enterprise challenge to inspire Britain’s young people to start their own business.

Schools are invited to register their interest for the 2013 competition by visiting:

Brix and Glitz was selected by well-known entrepreneur Peter Jones CBE to receive funding, based on their business proposal submitted last month. The school team has had one week to prepare, before trading gets underway today for the four week period.

The campaign, backed by the Peter Jones Foundation, will create over 100 new businesses in schools up and down the UK, which will ultimately encourage a whole new generation of entrepreneurs to think big. The scheme champions entrepreneurship and aims to put enterprise at the heart of the education system in Britain, by helping young people to develop the skills and knowledge required to set up their own business.

The competition is open to all UK school children between the ages of 11 and 18. Participating teams will now compete against each other to make as much profit from their original seed capital as possible, with the most profitable team being crowned the Ultimate Tycoon in Schools.

The range of business ideas will showcase the talents of the next generation of entrepreneurs, with ideas ranging from hand-crafted clothing exchanges and community written recipe books, to customised technology accessories and even a potential cure for arthritis in horses.

Brix and Glitz impressed Peter Jones with their funky jewellery business made from lego, beads and buttons and is made up of 4 pupils. 3 students from DACA (Chloe Baldwin, Georgia Regan,from year 7 and Jay Fagan from Year 11) and a student from PACA,  Lola Gurr, Year 9.  The bricks and the beads have all been donated from members of the local community and 10% of the profits raised will be donated back to the community.  Brix and Glitz products are available to buy from the DACA shop as well as from the students themselves within the Academy.  The team has received support from Darwen Creates Entrepreneurship Bridge tenants, RT Designs; Dargan Media and Lucky 22 who have helped with the marketing and design aspect of their business.  Support Brix and Glitz by registering your vote.

Peter Jones CBE said:

“This is the first year that we have run Tycoon in Schools and I have been hugely impressed by the quality of business plans submitted. Students from across the UK have shown great enthusiasm and entrepreneurial spirit and this competition will showcase their fantastic abilities.

“Students are already wearing their exclusive Tycoon in Schools lapel badges with pride and one teacher referred to them as the Blue Peter badge for business because they are so exclusive.

“I'm personally very excited because as a country we need to do more to encourage enterprise and it is my view that we should be helping develop entrepreneurial talent from the earliest opportunity in schools. I will follow the progress of the competing teams closely over the next few weeks and look forward to seeing their achievements.”

In December, the winning Tycoon Businesses will be announced, which will be followed by an awards ceremony in January 2013 to celebrate the achievements of the top performing teams.

Schools can also send a message on twitter to @Tycooninschools

About Tycoon in School

Tycoon in Schools is a nationwide campaign that will encourage and inspire young people across Britain to start a business whilst at school, to secure their future and live their entrepreneurial dreams.

Founded by entrepreneur Peter Jones CBE in 2012, Tycoon in Schools is an enterprise competition where school children are given a loan and challenged to launch a business and make as much profit as they can.

In 2012, the competition will be held between 5-30 November. With up to £100,000 on offer, schools across the country have had the opportunity to submit business plans and apply for seed-funding to launch their business ideas.

At the end of November students will repay their original loan and remaining profits can be reinvested into their business, or donated to the school or to local charitable causes.