Exposed: Blended Learning

This week’s Entrepreneurial Action exposed item provides an insight into the Blended Learning pilot project that is a joint venture between Maths and Humanities.

Blended Learning is a pilot that Darwen Aldridge Community Academy has been involved in since the start of the school year. The pilot involves selected Year 8 pupils and focuses on Geography and Mathematics. The intention is provide students with a new way of learning, one which promotes independent learning, providing students with the opportunity to progress at their own pace. Lessons are completed online and students must complete various assessments to demonstrate progress. 

The lessons are very much student-led and it is important that students are willing to take risks and to try something new, or something that they may have struggled with in previous lessons. Some activities encourage students to be creative by allowing answers in any format that leads them to a solution.  Should a student have a problem it is important that they respond to feedback and try to improve for next time. To help with this, a range of online resources are suggested, and pupils must learn to locate the solutions independently. This has required guidance at first; however, we are already seeing improvements in some students who are happy to work through at their own pace. Already there have been some promising signs as students have responded positively to the change in learning and are starting to learn to use different skills.