Awards Evening 2011

Crowning glory for Darwen Aldridge Community Academy

Students at Darwen Aldridge Community Academy crowned another year of success with their third annual Awards Evening last night.

Students, parents, staff and governors celebrated the GCSE success of 2011 and recognised the highest achieving students from other year groups across the curriculum.

Brendan Loughran, Principal at the Academy said, ‘In three successive years, the academic outcomes of students at GCSE have improved, setting new records every year. In 2011, by every single measure of success, our students achieved the best results we have ever seen.’

Guest of honour at the evening was Rod Aldridge, the Academy sponsor, who presented Awards to students and spoke of his pride in their achievements. Sharon Bolton, a former Darwen Moorland student was a special guest at the event, presenting her award for the most promising writer.

Liam Dargan, currently in year 12 and winner of the Aldridge Foundation Pegasus Award for Entrepreneurship said, ‘I am really proud of my achievements and the highlight for me was the visit of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in April.’

Prize winners

SPECIAL AWARDS : Aldridge Foundation Pegasus Award for Entrepreneurship – Liam Dargan; Sharon Bolton Award for Most Promising Writer – Kierney Hemingway; Sue Johnson Award for Endeavour – John Meadowcroft.



Risk Taking – Callum Ryan; Passion – Tom Hayes; Problem Solving – Sam Exton;

Creativity – Khushna Sulaman-Butt;

Team Work – Matthew Phillipson; Determination – Michael Heeks;

LEAD STUDENT AWARDS  Head Girl – Zoe Harrison; Head Boy – John Meadowcroft;



English Faculty – Eleanor Capstick, Adam Moulvi; Mathematics Faculty – Hannah Davies, Lewis Partington;

Science Faculty – Eleanor Capstick, Adam Moulvi; Humanities Faculty – Adam Moulvi, Eleanor Capstick;

Modern Foreign Languages Faculty – Hannah Davies, Eleanor Capstick;

Creative Arts Faculty – Adam Moulvi, Eleanor Capstick;

Sport and Leisure Faculty – Hannah Davies, Taylor Walker;

Technology Faculty – Shannon Adams, Stevi Weatherburn;

ICT Faculty – Tanya Duerden, Tom McKee;



English Faculty – Rosie Dickinson, Travis Frain;

Mathematics Faculty – Saskia Mae Kuczer, Adam McPhee;

Science Faculty – Kelsey Gudgeon, Miles Beckingham Burgess;

Humanities Faculty – Joel Roberts, Christina Horrocks;

Modern Foreign Languages Faculty – Travis Frain, Saskia Mae Kuczer;

Creative Arts Faculty – Harry Eastham, Rosie Dickinson;

Sport and Leisure Faculty – Amy Beaumont, Sam Fleming;

Technology Faculty – Saskia Mae Kuczer, Jazz Cragg;

ICT Faculty – Milena Kania, Kamil Szyszka;



English Faculty – Ella McLeod, Oliver Harkness;

Mathematics Faculty – Ella McLeod, Nathan Thomas;

Science Faculty – Ella McLeod, Nathan Thomas;

Humanities Faculty – Jayden Hacking, Georgia Cooper;

Modern Foreign Languages Faculty – Georgia Cooper, Ella McLeod;

Creative Arts Faculty – Melissa Jordan, Ewelina Gorska;

Sport and Leisure Faculty – Robert Wong, Yasemin Sunbul;

Technology Faculty – Chantelle Cooney, Savannah Bunney;

ICT Faculty – Simran Zaman, Adam Davies;



English Faculty – Rhian Keen, George Ashton;

Mathematics Faculty – Tia Luo, George Ashton;

Science Faculty – Chloe Cathie, George Ashton;

Humanities Faculty – George Ashton, Qachina McKeefery;

Creative Arts Faculty – Nick Harrop, Megan Taylor Gaskell;

Sport and Leisure Faculty – Charlotte Hodges, Keegan Howarth;

Technology Faculty – Ann Marie Rong, Kelsey Parmar;

ICT Faculty – Aqsa Hasware, Oliver McHugh;

Business Studies: Health and Social Care – Emelia Capitelli; Law – Lewis Dawson, Rebecca Bramham;

Business – Khurram Shazad, Valerie Thomas;



English – Sam Exton; Mathematics – Alice Leach; Science – David Nairn;

Humanities – Curtis Bentley;

Modern Foreign Languages – Brandon Thomas;

Creative Arts – Khushna Sulaman-Butt;

Sport and Leisure – Kyle Craven;

Technology – Rita Putrasevica;

ICT – Matthew Lee;

Business – Amber Riley.