Students are supported to progress in each subject area at the rate that best suits them. One of our principles is that students take assessment ‘when ready’, rather than the traditional expectation of students being assessed when the exam system determines. All students receive a report six times per year as part of our Praising Entrepreneurs Programme, and there are opportunities during the year for parents and students to review progress.

There are opportunities for students to progress through the programmes of study at an accelerated rate with early assessment and progression. With our new Sixth Form, there are new progression opportunities to commence Level 3 (Advanced) qualifications in Year 11 or to enrich studies with further Level 2 (GCSE equivalent) qualifications.

In addition to the traditional academic curriculum, there are a range of vocational options available for all students as they progress through the Academy, and an emphasis on promoting participation in extra-curricular activities. Our aim is to provide a truly personalised education for every student in the Academy.